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Psh, All I need is a Breadclip

Strange ways to unlock a shopping cart
(alternatives to using a coin)

There are some rebellious shoppers who oblige to bring a loonie.  Instead, they use a range of ordinary household objects to unlock shopping carts.

The main problem with these items, is that they work 40% of the time, and will end up breaking in the end.  I did some research and here is a wacky list of the common everyday objects that people use:

  • Back of the house key
  • Soda can tab
  • Bread clip
  • Corn beef can top

House key

Let’s start with the back of your house key, and how absurd this is:

First off, taking that house key off of your key chain is a fingernail-busting painful activity, having to take it off that stiff metal loop and put it back on every time.  And this goes for those fake coins with holes in them too.

OK, now to stick your house key into the cart.    Now you have a pointy piece of metal waiting to impale some poor child that somehow runs into your cart and stabs their eye on it.  When you push the cart, remember to make sure it doesn’t poke you!

Have you ever had your cart stolen before?  Have you ever had your house keys stolen before? Well now you can have both stolen because of this dumb life hack! By inserting your house key into your cart,  someone to will take your cart along with your keys while you are still deciding whether or not to buy the eggs or not.  And now you can’t go home and feed your family!  A random person can now break into your house for free.

Soda Can Tab

Who knew that the soda can pull tab was
more than a makeshift earring.  If its shocking enough to you that people use them as cart unlockers, think about the amount of cans are recycled each year in Canada: 2 billion.  Do you really think that the average Canadian would think about plucking off a soda can tab before throwing it away?  Would he glance at the can and say, “Hey this is useful, I’ll go use it to unlock shopping carts.  I’ll keep it!” 2 billion cans thrown away each year, shows how little people care about using a tiny tab.

Even if you brought a soda can tab to the grocery store, it would get lost under the seat or slide out of your pocket.  Then when you find it, you’ll see your baby chewing on it. Imagine how many people would stare at you if you magically unlock a shopping cart with a can tab.  Aluminium can tabs are for holding your straw, not unlocking carts.  The funny thing is, unlocking a cart with a can tab is much easier than trying to get it out after.   Such an obtusely shaped object is likely to get stuck in the lock which means good luck to you.

Bread Clip

Do you even notice that tiny clip for your bread bag? Of course you didn’t realize it’s has potential to unlock carts, because you just wanted to eat your bread, of course.  When I read into this I was very fascinated, because a small bread clip is even cheaper than a soda can tab!  I couldn’t believe people could have the will to salvage a tiny bread clip in order to unlock a shopping cart.   Think about how small and cheaply made it is.  A bread clip will be next to impossible to find if you loose it.   If you do find it, it will probably be in the hands of your dog or baby who is currently chewing on it. More people would remember to throw away such a small object away, than to bring it to the grocery store.  If you did remember to bring it, congrats to you.  There are two problems that you could face on inserting it into the cart.   It’s plastic so it could break, and if it gets stuck inside, you’re going to have to pay a big fine to fix it.

Corned Beef Key

The Corn Beef key is like a house key and a can tab in one. Just like house key, it can be inserted backward into a cart to unlock it. It’s also flimsier than a can tab.  Like the house key, it makes for a perfect poking hazard.  Also it’s small size makes it a choking hazard like the others.  Since it is made of sheet aluminum, it will likely bend upon inserting it into the cart.

Sorry cheapskates, but life hacks just won’t do the job.

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