SlipShip – Instructions

How to use a Slot of Doom:
Great, you’re a step ahead of all those dumdums lining up at the post office, awaiting the fate of their mail and their wallet, to be judged by the Canada Post clerk and their dreaded Slot of Doom. Now you have your own – the SlipShip. Let’s get started:

To determine the postage for letter mail sent from Canada, we need the:
– Size category
– Weight
– Destination

Weight is easy – just get a cheap kitchen scale at least 500g max.  Destination = Country. 
Size is the annoying part – if you’re without SlipShip that is.

Letter mail is one of two sizes: Standard, and Oversize.  Beyond that, it’s not mail anymore – it’s parcel.  Standard obviously being cheapest.

For Standard, it must meet BOTH of the two criteria in the following image:

For Oversize, it must meet BOTH of the two criteria in the following image:1) Width & Thickness Test: must drop down through the Oversize Mail slot, shortest side down. 2) Length Test: Longest side of package must fit within the entire length of the tool

Remember, this is exactly the two things the Canada Post clerk does to measure your mail – and they do it very fast – because it’s quick and easy.  A lot faster than someone using a clumsy measuring tape and their eyeballs.

Standard Mail
Let’s do the first test: drop it freely through the standard slot, shortest side toward the ground.

If it makes it all the way through the slot, you pass the thickness test.  If not, move on to the Oversize test.

Now, the second test:
Lay the package down on the table. The length of the package must fit within the notch markings, and the leftmost edge. Line it up with the left edge – and none of the package may be visible in the triangular notches.

This one is okay for length:

If you see any of your mail visible in the notches when your mail is lined up with the leftmost edge – it is not ok:

So if your mail fails either test above, see if it’s Oversize Mail eligible:

Oversize Mail





First, let’s check the width and thickness:

Drop it shortest side down through the oversize slot.  If it goes completely through, you win this test.

If it fails, it’s a parcel.  Or you can try repacking it with less fat.  Better to find out here than at the post office.  Time is money.  And money is money.  Don’t waste either.

Now for the length test:
The length of your mail needs to fit within the entire length of the SlipShip, like so:

This one is too long for Oversize, and it’s automatically a Parcel (ie. over 10 bucks)

There you go!  Any questions, feel free to contact us.
If there’s enough demand – we’ll make a USPS version too.  Email us to vote that we make one!
If you read this, and you don’t have a SlipShip yet, get one below

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SlipShip – Letter Mail Measuring Tool (for Canada Letter Post)

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