Cart Boss

Still Using a Loonie to unlock a shopping cart in 2020?

So now you have two options to unlock a shopping cart:

1. Use a loonie

2. Use the Cart Boss

Which will you choose?


Let’s dive into the main flaws of the traditional wallet.


Wallets are very hard to get change out of.  Now days, they are designed for bills and cards, not coins. Every time I try to take out change from my wallet, it’s blisteringly painful for my fingers to squeeze into the far reaches of my wallet to get change.  Most of the time I end up dropping it.

Great, now I have to bend my inflexible body over to retrieve my coins, which can be a pain in the back.  Upon standing back up, I smack the back of my head on the metal cart handle! Right then and there, I was done with carrying my wallet.


There’s usually one or two people behind me who nag me to hurry up. If you thought the change was a challenge to pick up, just think about what could happen to your 5’s 10’s and 50’s! If you are really unlucky your bills, and credit cards can slip out and get blown away by the a slight breeze! You’re going to have run like the wind to chase your money back.  This goes to show you how much time I wasted even before I even unlocked the shopping cart! Sigh, even more shopping kartma to deal with.

Afterwards, I decided that my wallet was not so good at storing change. Instead, I decided to keep it simple, and leave a few spare coins in my pocket.  It shouldn’t be too hard right? It was a lighter alternative to carrying a heavy wallet, but I had to deal with more issues.  Every step I took, there was this annoying sound of metal clunking in my pocket like my Mom was dialing my phone every stride I took. I finally arrived at the shopping cart till.  Time to take out the change.  When I reach into my pocket I couldn’t see what I was getting, so it took me a few seconds to determine which was the right coin.  After three seconds, I finally found the loonie.  Unfortunately upon inserting it, the tiny coin slips out of my hands and the same situation that happened with my wallet, happened all over again. Then when I bent over to retrieve my loonie that I dropped, I hit my head again on the shopping cart handle!

We can agree that a loonie is a tiny coin to hold.  The most annoying thing out of all is when I go to insert it I hold it too close to the front.  So, I need to hold it from further back.   to move my fingers away from the edge, it slips out of my fingers and reunites with the ground once again!  No matter how hard you try the loonie can always find a way to slip it’s way out of your grasp.

You shoppers may think this is an absurd problem and I’m over exaggerating.  Even though you’d probably be wasting a few minutes finding your coin, you’re still throwing your time out the window. Think about all those time consuming moments where you struggled to unlock a shopping cart. It can seriously add up.

So, why is the Cart Boss is more reliable and user friendly than a coin? Take a look at these 4 main features:

  • The Cart Boss is ready to use on your key chain, so you don’t need to look for it in your wallet.
  •  It’s plastic build won’t weigh down your pockets.
  • The Cart Boss has a long shaft for you to hold so you don’t drop it.
  • The Cart Boss can be removed from the slot compared to the loonie, which can’t be removed.   Don’t let them take your loonie hostage.

Now that I have the Cart Boss, I don’t have to worry about carrying a wallet or spare change.  All I needed to do was to whip out my car keys, insert and unlock!  Since the Cart Boss stays on your key-chain, it is really hard to misplace.  You will almost always have your car keys with you when you enter the grocery store.  My Cart Boss is always ready when I need it to be. I can’t tell you how much stress this little gadget has taken off my back.  I didn’t have to bend over, drop my wallet, or smack the back of my head, because I always had the right tool at the right time.

Since the Cart Boss is also removable, I helped out some folks behind me by unlocking a couple more shopping carts for them.  They were dumbstruck as they saw how easily I unlocked cart after cart.  You can even do the same!

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