Cart Boss

Which one should I get?

It’s like being in an ice cream shop – sooo many Cart Bosses to choose from – Cart Boss Plastic, mini, Cart Boss Quarters, Loonies, Metal, Red Green Blue Bronze Black…

It’s because the stores in our country can’t make up their minds.  We got Quarter carts, loonie carts, plug type carts and Slot type Carts.  4 combos.  And, a Cart Boss to combat each – depending on which cart you have in your area. If I were them I’d probably just make them all Toonies ie. the most expensive coin.  A quarter is hardly worth my time.  A Toonie on the other hand…

And then there are the places which don’t even have locked carts – some lucky duckies those shoppers are.

Anyway, we got 3 main types:
Cart Boss OG
Cart Boss the Crocogator
Cart Boss Mini

Cart Boss OG is for the slot type cart.  Allows you to unlock, remove the key and put it back into your pocket before  shopping.   Most carts in the country are of the slot type – a single slot for a coin, and that’s it.  Easy enough.  Some carts take loonies, others take quarters.  So, if you frequent at a place with the slot type cart, grab the Cart Boss.  

Slot-type Cart

Now some of us go to stores which have loonie slot carts and quarter slot carts.  You could carry a quarter Cart Boss and a Loonie Cart Boss of different colors, or carry the Cart Boss Crocogator – the double-sided lightsaber of the Cart Boss world.  One side is for quarters, and the other loonie carts, with a slot to slide your key-ring from one side to the other.  

As for the infamous plug type carts which aren’t really famous anymore because they are disappearing across Canada one by one – we got the Cart Boss Mini. The OG/Croco won’t work on these ones. 

Plug Cart

Plug Cart again

CB Mini comes with a snap hook to quickly attach and detach it. It works like a loonie, but it’s way lighter, easily detaches from your key-ring, it’s your favorite colour, and brushed anodized aluminum finished. So you’ll never forget it, it’s fast to use, and it’s got great looks. The only thing here is that it stays in the darn cart. So it’ll work on any cart, plug or slot, but it stays inside the thing which is what differentiates the mini from the OG & the Croco.

But for the love of Gorbjorbs, please please PLEASE, if you’re gonna use your CB mini on a slot cart, don’t do this:


Someone can run off with your cart, take your keys and nab your car.  Don’t leave the keys dangling from the cart.  Ever.  This is why we include the snap hook with our CB mini.  But anyway, slot carts should be used with the OG or the Croco.

Why’d we make them out of aluminum?  It’s the perfect metal for this.  Carrying more than one cart boss is nothing when each of them weighs like 2-3 grams.  My car key weighs 20g – all steel.  A loonie weighs aroung 6g.  In comparison, A loonie CB mini weighs 2.  I certainly don’t feel it.  Now if all of these were made of steel (which is cheaper than aluminum by the way), they would be heavy and eventually would rust.  Yes, eventually stainless steel rusts too.

But, our aluminum is strong – it’s locally CNC’d, not some pot metal alloy made by pot smokers smoking pot as they pour the pot metal into the pot, so they are pretty much indestructible for the application! 

And, not to forget the blue and gold classic plastic ones we started out with in April 2018!  Yup, we still sell a TON of them every day.  The cheaper alternative to the premium metal ones, they still do the same thing at a lower price point!  So everyone can choose their favorite Cart Boss.

The 2018 Classic Plastic Cart Boss


Here’s my setup: I got A mini loonie and a mini quarter for the plug carts, and a Crocogator for the slot carts.  Because in rainy Greater Vancouver we got every cart imaginable. Even some Canadian Tires here have 25c slot carts. Total weight of cart bosses: 7g.  

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