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Why not use a loonie?


 The Inconvenient Loonie


A simple loonie is more complicated than it seems.  It may save you from the dreaded shopping basket, but what if you forget it or drop it?  The fact that it is small, and hard to hold makes it notorious for being a true pain in the spleen. Think about it all the troubles it could cost you.

Think about it

My friend once told me,  “So why is it such a big deal? The Cart Boss costs more money than my trusty loonie!  All I need to do is remember to bring my loonie.”

If you do the risk assessment, forgetting a loonie is much easier than you think it is.  Having no coin means no shopping cart, means you have to get a basket which holds less groceries.   If your like me, you can’t buy everything on your shopping list with just 2 baskets.  This means you’ll have to head back a SECOND TIME to get everything on your list.  This wastes gas money and TIME! So yes it is a BIG DEAL!

Do you think I will remember to bring a loonie?  Most likely not, given that I have to feed my 3 year old son, take the family out for dinner, and walk the dog.  Forgetting my loonie gives me NIGHTMARES, becuase I have to use baskets which strains my arms, and later I have to go back to buy more groceries which means I’ll go broke on gas money! We all know how unstable the gas prices are these days. It’s unbelievable how not having the right coin on you at the grocery store, could lead up to a catastrophe of events.

When I explained all of this to my friends they stopped to think for a moment.

Not many people would have written down on the grocery list to bring a loonie. Even remembering the shopping list is easier than remembering such a small coin.  My friend Tim always forgets his loonie and will go to excessive measures wasting up to 10 minutes trying to find a loonie!  If that doesn’t work, he’ll need to go ask the store manager for change, or even worse try to scavenge one off of the ground! This is because there is no other alternative to unlock a shopping cart, other than a coin.


I still don’t understand why the customer must pay 1 more dollar for a cart if he’s already spending so much on groceries?

Let’s say you do manage to unlock the shopping cart, You’ve got to put it back to get your loonie back! That means more physical work for you.



 Save your time and money with Cart Boss

Logically, 1 trip to the grocery store is more convenient than five small trips to the grocery store.  If you use Cart Boss, it will stay on your key chain which means you’re guaranteed to get a cart every time.  Once you have a cart, you can get everything on your list.  If you rely on a loonie, you’ll be guaranteed to loose it and you’ll have to use baskets instead.

By investing a few dollars in this handy tool you will save yourself so much trouble.

the sad reality is that you’ve gotta pay for carts but you can always unlock your way out of it with Cart Boss.

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  1. mcd55555md says:

    Everyone should have one!!!makes shopping so much easier,want to go shopping just so I can use Cartboss!!Works perfectly!

  2. PIO915 says:

    Thank you!!1

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