Shipping Times & Info, Returns, FAQ and more

  • Ships from Vancouver BC Canada within 1-3 business days of order placement. Also designed and manufactured here too.
  • Eligible for return for refund within 30 days of shipment date.  Free returns if sent back using the original envelope/package. Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Must contact us first.
  • If it doesn’t arrive within 2 weeks of order, it’s eligible for a replacement to be sent out, we just ask you return the 2nd one to arrive by writing “RTS” on the envelope and dropping off at your neighbourhood red mailbox.
  • If it doesn’t arrive in 5 weeks, it’s eligible for a refund and assumed lost by Canada Post, so just email us in that case.

Canada Letter Post:

Items are usually shipped within 24 weekday hours of placing your order, up to 48 weekday hours.  Define this as the processing time.

We ship using the classic stamp on an envelope method, ie. Canada Post Letter-mail.  It is not tracked.  Items are sent in white or yellow envelopes similar to the ones you receive letters in, so look inside your mailbox for your order.  For more expensive and customized orders we will add tracking at no extra cost – this way you won’t have to pay more for shipping than the price of your product.


Anything on Backorder will take at most an additional 2-3 weeks to arrive.  This is the amount of time it take for us to manufacture more product from scratch.  When you click on a product it will say “Backorder” by the add to cart button.

Shipping times for Canada Post letter mail:

We ship orders out from North Vancouver, BC Canada.  See below table for delivery estimates, in business days, listed as per the Canada Post website:

Delivery LocationDelivery time
in business days
Wait this long in Days before contacting us for replacements (NOT business days)
Greater Vancouver2d12d
Canada wide4d14d

For total time to arrive to your destination, add the processing time to the above shipping time estimates.  These time frames are not guaranteed, as weather and mail volume can affect delivery.

The pandemic is causing slowdowns with Canada Post shipping speeds.  It hasn’t gone away yet unfortunately. Some of you may receive packages at usual speeds, while some of you may have to wait longer.  Yes, some customers had to wait a whole 4-6 weeks for items to arrive – it’s not just us, it’s happening across the country.  I even ordered from Amazon Prime and it took 3 weeks to get here.

Why Letter-Post?

Because no one wants to pay 15 bucks for shipping! Nor do they want shipping to be hidden in an inflated product price. Shipping by letter mail means more savings for you, and faster delivery times than parcel. Canada Post charges like 15 bucks for parcel, and is more practical for items that are large and/or of high value (so therefore it is not an option).


Look out for one envelope with a stamp on it.  It may get camouflaged with your other letter mail:


And, please, make sure your address is correct, or you will get the dreaded yellow paper on your order by Canada Post, and it will be returned to us.  It will then take you twice as long to get your order.

Or for larger shipments, it will look like this:

Earth friendly packaging!  No plastic – just paper based, and not too much of it – which is 100% friendly to the environment.

Where’s my stuff?


  1. Canada Post is slow (pandemic, Christmas, disorganized, papers everywhere etc)
  2. Canada Post lost it in the mail
  3. You had butterfingers and mucked up the address
  4. It’s actually sitting there camouflaged with the rest of your mail, but because we’re all used to big bulky amazon packaging, you didn’t notice it.
  5. Your Canada Post mailman/woman was sleep deprived, an gave it to your unsuspecting neighbour by mistake.

If you suspect that we just didn’t send it out – that doesn’t happen.  Not sending things out is bad business and we wouldn’t exist right now if that were true.  But if you’re feeling skeptical we can send you a photo of your envelope in particular.


  1. Contact us. Please don’t jump to bad conclusions/Paypal claims/credit card chargebacks etc. before giving us a chance to find out what happened.
  2. First we’ll ask you if you mucked up the address or if it is hiding among your mail.
  3. Refer to the above table – last column.  If it has passed that amount of time, we send you another, and the second one that arrives you write ‘RTS’ on it and throw it into a Canada Post red mailbox.
  4. If it’s been over 5 wks and you didn’t get it, it means CP lost it and full refund becomes one option, and replacement becomes the other option.
  5. If you still don’t get it after the second time – it probably means Canada Post thinks your house is haunted. We’ll ask that you send it to another location.  Please don’t get mad at us if any of this happens to you, we are not Canada Post. Analogy: the Airport is not Air Canada (and so people get mad at the airport). But do get mad at Canada Post instead.  Our objective is to make sure you’re happy and that you get the product(s).

Eligible within 30 days after the order is placed.
Returns are free – if you use the original package that it shipped in.  Unless stated otherwise on the product page.
If you haven’t received your stuff, contact us! We’re responsive during weekdays.  Weekends too, but just not as frequently.

If you’re having problems getting the product to work, visit the product page and see the  instructions, or just email us.

All prices are charged in Canadian dollars ($CAD).  Currency converter does not include your card issuer’s extra exchange rates and is approximate.

Why we do cheap shipping, but not free shipping?

“Free shipping” is always built into the product price.  Right now, say it’s 7$ for the item and 2$ shipping.  So if you buy 4 items, the total is 4*7+2=30

But, if I built the $2 shipping into the product price, and declared it “free Shipping” then it would be 7$+2$ = 9$ per item.  Then, buying 4 items, it would be 4×9 = 36!  You get ripped off 6 bucks!!

We want to be fair, so we price the shipping separately.

We’re on Christmas holidays from Dec 20-28.  Customer service and shipping will not be available during this time.